Engagement with Customers

Gazprom Neft is committed to building long-term relationships with its customers by offering the highest quality of products and service. The Company engages in direct relations with customers by providing them with timely and responsible information about its products, establishing dialogues and improving the customer complaint systems.

Each batch of products that is sent to customers is accompanied by a quality certificate for the particular product.

The quality certificate for each batch products must specify:

  • the name and brand of the product;
  • all quality indicators according to the regulatory requirements for the product;
  • the standards and actual values of the quality indicators.

The response system to customer complaints and questions is comprised of different mechanisms and channels. Contact mechanisms include written inquiries, calls, feedback forms on the website, comment and suggestion registers at filling stations, online consultations with Company specialists on its websites and meetings with clients at exhibitions and forums, among other methods. All messages are reviewed in accordance with the Company’s established standards. The channel used is determined by the specifics of the activities of the enterprise or subsidiary. Subsidiaries regularly analyse the effectiveness of the corrective actions taken to prevent situations from recurring.

In order to provide effective communication with clients and comprehensive interaction with customers, Gazprom Neft has established the Unified Customer Support Centre, which is comprised of an information service that unites different communications channels.

Specialists from the Unified Customer Support Centre consult with clients on a broad range of issues: the “Going the Same Way” loyalty programme, current campaigns and offers, filling station addresses and additional services, and also accept requests from clients on technical issues, bonus points and filling station service, among other things.

Key themes concerning quality raised by customers in 2015

  • The need for quality giveaway for the most critical product quality indicators (for the customer);
  • stabilisation in the quality of commercial products for the most critical product quality indicators (for the customer);
  • the release of products according to new regulatory documents;
  • the release of paraffin-wax products with the highest property levels;
  • preserving the quality of freight transported using pallets for deliveries over particularly long distances.


The Gazpromneft filling station chain is a two-time winner of the “Consumer Rights and Service Quality” prize in the categories “Consumer choice” and “Retail services”. The prize is initiated by the Social Projects and Programmes Foundation in cooperation with the Russian Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing, the Moscow Government and a number of public organisations.