Goals for 2016

Strategic projects

  • Implementation of major projects nearing completion (Novy Port, Messoyakha).
  • A two-fold increase in production at the Prirazlomnoye field in the Pechora Sea and the commissioning of new production and absorption wells.
  • The establishment of a new logistics route for exporting oil from Arctic fields via the Northern Sea Route. Construction of a trans-shipment hub at the Murmansk port.
  • Keeping all options open for the development of the resource base to support new areas of production.
  • The establishment of strategic and technological partnerships for the joint development of fields in Russia and abroad and to improve the efficiency of hydrocarbon production.
  • Investment in current production projects with a short payback period to maximise cash flows in coming years.
  • Modernisation of primary oil refining complexes at the Omsk and Moscow Oil Refineries.
  • Continued implementation of a project to set up the production of modern cracking and hydroprocessing catalysts in Omsk.
  • Pilot testing of oligomerisation catalysts.
  • Launch of a solid acid alkylation test bench.
  • Industrial testing of the hydrotreatment catalyst reactivation process.
  • The implementation of the most profitable projects for the development of the sales business.
  • Balanced investment activities in foreign development projects with the ability to intensify operations in the medium term taking into account international risks.

Improved product quality

  • The development of targeted automated processes for the quality control and accounting of petroleum products in order to eliminate the human factor.
  • The construction and commissioning of a zeolite stabilisation unit and liquefied gas storage at the Omsk Oil Refinery.
  • Development and introduction of high-efficiency cracking, hydrotreatment and hydrocracking catalysts that meet modern oil refining requirements.
  • The organisation of work by a research centre based at Gazpromneft-Ryazan Bitumen Materials.
  • The introduction of the research method for developing transmission oils at the oils and petrochemical laboratory of the Omsk Lubricants Plant.
  • The assimilation of a pilot plant to develop greasing technology and implementation of a research programme to develop new and improve existing lubricant manufacturing technologies.