Exploration and production

In 2015, Gazprom Neft maintained its positions among Russian oil companies as an industry leader in terms of oil and gas production. Commercial hydrocarbon production increased 20.3% to 79.7 million TOE compared with 2014.

These results are due to:

  • increased production at the Prirazlomnoye and Novy Port fields;
  • an increase in the Company’s stake in the joint enterprises SeverEnergia and Northgas;
  • improved operating efficiency at mature fields.
Commercial hydrocarbon production, mn TOE
Source: Company data
Goal and results in 2015
Goals Results
Production at mature fields
Commissioning of three new fields with total initial recoverable reserves of 14.5 million tonnes (South Pudinsky licence area as well as the East Myginskoye and the Valyntoyskoye fields) The Kulginskoye and South Tabaganskoye (part of the South Pudinsky licence area) fields were put into operation.
Maintaining a rate of production growth greater than 2014 levels Production increased 20.3%.
Increasing production efficiency and rapidly responding to changes in the macro environment Horizontal drilling grew 12.5%, including a 42% increase in the number of high-tech wells with multi-stage hydraulic fracturing. The advanced technologies employed improve the effectiveness of reserve development.
implementation of major projects
Completion of the installation and preparation of a terminal for year-round oil deliveries at Novy Port Completion of the installation of an Arctic terminal at the Novy Port field. Preparations launched for year-round raw commodity shipments from Novy Port in tankers arriving at Mys Kamenny accompanied by nuclear icebreakers.
Commissioning of the Yaro-Yakhinskaya complex gas treatment plant (with capacity of 7 billion m3 per year) across the full processing cycle Commissioning of a complex gas treatment plant and a condensate de-ethaniser unit at the Yaro-Yakhinskoye oil and gas condensate field.
Continued development of drilling and increased production at the Prirazlomnoye and Badra fields The first few million tonnes of oil were produced at the Prirazlomnoye and Badra fields.

Other events of the reporting period:

  • first stage of the study of Bazhenov formation reserves successfully completed at the South Priobskoye field in KMAD-Yugra in 2015;
  • two unproductive fields were classified as unprofitable (North Pyamaliyakhskoye and Baleykinskoye);
  • inclusion of 22 million tonnes of hard-to-recover reserves in development work.

The Company is actively developing its gas operations based on the commercialisation of its reserves of associated and natural gas extracted from oil fields, and increasing the value of this gas. Gazprom Neft utilised 81% of associated petroleum gas (APG) in the reporting period, including its joint ventures (JV).

Gas production, bn m3
Source: Company data