External communications

The Company develops a communications system that aims to build a dialogue with outside audiences, inform stakeholders about significant events in the Company’s activities and promote the Gazprom Neft brand.

The Company’s engagement with the media is regulated by the corporate standard and policy of information transparency to which Gazprom Neft strictly adheres. One of the most essential tools for communications with outside audiences is the Gazprom Neft website. A total of 188 official reports about the Company’s activities were published on the website in 2015.

Adhering to the principles of transparency, the Company informs stakeholders about significant events and aspects of its activities. News about the construction and opening of the South Priobsky gas processing plant in the KMAD-Yugra and the development of high-tech drilling, including at the Prirazlomnaya platform, generated the biggest response among outside audiences during the reporting year. Other key themes for the Company in 2015 were the implementation of the second phase of a large-scale oil refinery modernisation programme, the development of nature conservation and environmental projects as well as the Company’s project to develop catalyst production.

The corporate website serves as a tool for feedback from outside audiences. All inquiries received via the portal are analysed and sent to the appropriate departments of Gazprom Neft for further processing.

The social media pages of Gazprom Neft and Gazpromneft filling station network are updated daily to ensure more effective engagement with different groups of the Company’s target audience. The Company promptly responds to questions and suggestions received from stakeholders, including from potential partners and consumers of Gazprom Neft products as well as the customers of the Gazpromneft filling station network. Publications about the Company’s significant social projects are also disseminated in the communities of the “Native Towns” social investments programme. The Company’s has roughly 100,000 subscribers to its social media pages.

Communication channels with outside audiences include regular press conferences and briefings by the Company’s senior executives that are attended by leading national and industry-related media outlets. Gazprom Neft also arranges media tours of its production facilities. In particular, a media tour and press briefing with the Company’s senior executives was organised at the Omsk Oil Refinery in the reporting year. The event was held as part of the commemoration of the refinery’s sixtieth anniversary.

Gazprom Neft develops and implements special projects with the media devoted to certain aspects of the industry’s activities. For instance, in 2015 the Company carried out the “Oil Formula” project jointly with Kommersant Publishing House at the Kommersant FM radio station to provide coverage of the Company’s plans in oil refining and the sale of petroleum products. Gazprom Neft and RIA Novosti jointly launched the special project “Attraction Pole”, which is devoted to the development of the Arctic and the operation of the Prirazlomnaya platform. In addition, in an effort to provide coverage of its activities in the Arctic, Gazprom Neft arranged a series of lectures for the media about working with unconventional reserves. The speakers included dedicated specialists from the Upstream Unit. In October 2015, the “Discover the Arctic” photo exhibition opened in Belgrade, Serbia with the support of Gazprom Neft. Among other things, the exhibition displayed photos devoted to the Company’s activities on the Russian Arctic shelf.