Internal Corporate Communications

The internal corporate communications system supports the corporate culture and dialogue with employees. In order for the communications system to reach 100% of employees, the Company employs a broad range of formats and tools — from organising conferences and production competitions to setting up discussion platforms on its intranet portal and developing multimedia content and educational infographics.

Internal corporate communication tools:

  • the unified system of intranet portals of Gazprom Neft enterprises to which more than 28,000 employees have access;
  • corporate media (Siberian Oil corporate magazine, the Neftegazeta periodical and its versions issued by subsidiaries and the corporate radio stations of Gazpromneft-Aero and the Omsk and Moscow Oil Refinery);
  • meetings between management and the workforce;
  • a corporate forum;
  • a system of television screens;
  • discussion platforms (conferences, roundtables);
  • a feedback system.

Meetings between the management of the Company’s enterprises and their workforces are an essential communication tool. A large portion of each meeting is devoted to answers to questions from employees. Information bulletins are published based on the meetings and distributed throughout the enterprise. The Company employs a system to handle feedback and inquiries and adapts the tools of this system to the specific operations of each enterprise. Feedback channels include boxes, email, sections in the intranet portals, an HR hotline, meetings with management and forums attended by all employee groups. Responses to inquiries are published in the Company’s corporate media.

The primary focus in the development of the internal corporate communications system in 2015 was the localisation of communications — the development of tools to interact with the workforces of subsidiaries using a unified method as well as the opportunities provided by corporate media. The format of the Neftegazeta periodical was altered as part of these activities. Now the corporate newspaper publishes localised versions for specific enterprises that include a general corporate section, materials about specific production units and local columns about each enterprise.