Corporate culture

Gazprom Neft’s corporate culture is formed based on the Company’s values of integrity, leadership, mutual respect, trust, a winning attitude and a responsible owner. The focuses and objectives of the corporate culture are determined by the Company’s strategy and the challenges faced by the oil industry based on which Gazprom Neft develops a cultural model for rules and results that aims to boost motivation for achieving ambitious goals and maintain high industrial and environmental safety levels.

In order to assess the development level of corporate culture and the social and psychological climate at the Company, Gazprom Neft conducts a study each year to evaluate the degree of involvement and loyalty of employees as well as the effectiveness of motivation, awareness and initiative support systems and also to identify potential areas for improvements. The information obtained from this study serves as the basis for planning activities in personnel management and corporate communications and may be used as an argument for adopting management decisions. Over the four years of systematic work in this area, the Company has managed to achieve significant growth in all the key indicators it studied. Satisfaction with the motivation system was up 35% in 2015 compared with 2012, involvement — 27%, loyalty — 23% and trust in management — 22%.

In order to involve employees in strengthening and developing the corporate culture, the Company implements a number of projects and programmes that target different categories of employees, including adaptation programmes for new specialists, an organised coaching system, a non-financial motivation programme, a programme to select the best employees, internal competitions between departments and enterprises, and work with contractors. Adherence to corporate values is included in the system used to regularly assess the work of employees.