Stakeholder Engagement

The Company’s stakeholder engagement system aims to achieve sustainable development goals and harmonise the interests of all stakeholders. Engagement with all stakeholders is based on the principles of mutual respect and cooperation, the information transparency of the Company’s activities, regular interaction and compliance with obligations.

Key groups of stakeholders:

  • shareholders and investors;
  • staff;
  • government authorities;
  • suppliers and contractors;
  • consumers;
  • local communities;
  • public organisations.

Gazprom Neft maintains a continuous dialogue with key stakeholders on all important matters. The dialogue agenda is based on the Company’s continuous analysis of the internal and external social environment taking into its strategic targets and the priorities of stakeholders.

Primary mechanisms for stakeholder engagement:

  • contracts and cooperation agreements;
  • business meetings and presentations;
  • corporate communications system;
  • public hearings;
  • joint working groups;
  • hotlines for employees and customers;
  • surveys and studies on the opinions of employees, consumers and local communities;
  • membership in public or expert associations;
  • conferences or roundtables;
  • corporate reporting.