The Company regularly analyses requests and the satisfaction level of its customers and is developing a system to handle complaints.

Engagement mechanisms:

  • contracts;
  • mass media;
  • business meetings, including off-site meetings;
  • conferences and forums;
  • complaint handling system;
  • reporting.

Key issues:

  • product quality;
  • improved customer service level;
  • transparent pricing;
  • ethical business practice.

Engagement with the Company’s customers aims to build long-term mutually beneficial relationships. In order to achieve this goal, the Company carries out programmes to improve the quality and environmental friendliness of its products, strives to provide customers with prompt and reliable information about its products and fosters a dialogue with customers.

Some of the key tools of this dialogue include Gazprom Neft conferences for customers and distributors, off-site meetings and fact-finding missions during which future customer and clients that already cooperate with the Company can see the production process in person, study products in detail and discuss important issues.


NIS won a silver medal at the SAP Quality Awards 2014 annual international competition in the Business Transformation category among companies in Central and Eastern Europe. The company was awarded for its successful introduction of the customer relationship management system — SAP CRM. The project helped to create a structured customer base, improve the pre-sale preparation monitoring system and more effectively collect data about customer demands in order to subsequently meet these demands. Another benefit of intruding the SAP CRM was an improvement in the quality of customer service due to better reliability and speed of service.