Local Communities

The Company develops constructive engagement with local communities to support the socioeconomic development of the regions, create a favourable environment for the activities of Gazprom Neft and preserve cultural traditions as well as the environment of such regions.

Engagement mechanisms:

  • social projects as part of the “Native Towns” social investment programme;
  • public hearings, roundtables and dialogues;
  • corporate and external media relations;
  • the Company’s reporting.

Key issues:

  • the Company’s contribution to the socioeconomic development of the regions where it operates and improvements to the quality of life of the local population;
  • transparency of the Company’s activities and decisions;
  • the Company’s financial stability;
  • the industrial and environmental safety of the Company’s activities and nature conservation measures.

The results of dialogues with local communities and studies of the social climate in these areas serve as the foundation for the development of the Company’s social projects. Gazprom Neft strives to involve the local population in their implementation since it views the social activity of local communities as an essential factor for regional development. To achieve this objective, the Company develops such social investment formats as grant competitions for social initiatives.

In order to generate awareness about its activities and collect comments and suggestions, the Company has developed the practice of holding dialogues and roundtables with local communities in the regions. Public hearings are also a key mechanism of engagement when developing and implementing production projects. When planning activities in regions where indigenous peoples of northern Russia reside, the Company seeks to ensure a balance between the interests of indigenous peoples and the implementation of its strategy. The Company develops and discusses mechanisms with indigenous peoples of northern Russia to minimise the effects of its industrial impact on their traditional way of life and carries out programmes that aim to support the traditional way of life of indigenous peoples of northern Russia and their families.


The Company is expanding the range of dialogue tools it employs in order to improve the effectiveness of its engagement with local communities and involve them in social projects. In 2015, Gazprom Neft made active use of online channels, in particular the website of the “Native Towns” social investments programme and a group of social media programmes. As part of the implementation of the “DIY City” Laboratory projects, voting was held on social media concerning the further implementation of the project with a search conducted for volunteers and new participants.

Using the feedback mechanisms on the website of the “Native Towns” programme, the Company invites local residents to assess the results of social initiatives and collects suggestions on the development of new initiatives. The Company analyses the social problems addressed in the letters and takes them into account when compiling a list of projects for the future year.