Knowledge Management

over 450 courses in business training are available to Gazprom Neft employees at the Eduson “Knowledge Portal”
15,521 courses of distance learning underwent by Company employees in 2015
The ability to collect information and ensure its unimpeded circulation within the system is a sign of maturity of any company and a key to further development. We must avoid situations where we start introducing a particular technology in Orenburg, for example, while in Noyabrsk nobody knows anything about it and starts working on the same project from scratch. Our goal is to introduce efficient technologies everywhere as soon as possible. The knowledge management system solves these specific problems.
Mars Khasanov Technology Director of the Upstream Division and Director of the Scientific and Technical Centre of Gazprom Neft

The Company launched a project in 2015 to establish the corporate Knowledge and Innovation Management System (KIMS). The system ensures greater efficiency in the creation, preservation, dissemination and application of valuable knowledge for Gazprom Neft and expands the involvement of internal intellectual resources.

A key resource for the KIMS was the Knowledge Portal, which integrates different tools and formats to store and exchange knowledge. The primary objectives of the KIMS are to form communities of skilled workers and social learning. As part of the KIMS, the Knowledge Dissemination System (KDS) of the Scientific and Technical Centre and the I.D.E.A. project (a collection of initiatives to optimise business processes) were launched. Much of the KDS is devoted to disseminating the best practices among Gazprom Neft subsidiary enterprises. The “Regional Centres of Excellence” and “Technical Solution Library” sections were established for this purpose. As part of the Knowledge Portal, the Company also launched the “Supply Academy” programme, which aims to develop professional skills among employees of the Procurements Office and prospective students from higher educational institutions.

The Company actively developed distance learning as an effective tool for transferring knowledge in the reporting year. Fifteen interactive online courses were developed for business needs in 2015. The Knowledge Portal offered employees more than 70 internal interactive courses and more than 450 business training courses using the Eduson platform as of the end of 2015. The Company’s employees underwent 15,521 distance learning courses over the course of the year.