Work with Graduates and Young Professionals

The Company cooperates with leading universities in the industries of the regions where it operates. This joint work aims to provide targeted training for students, improve the skills of instructors and the quality of educational programmes and support talented students.

How the Company works with graduates and young professionals
The transition to a tiered higher educational system and the end of the specialist training to which everyone is accustomed significantly increases the role of master’s programmes that allow for training highly skilled personnel for specific scientific and practical disciplines. For this reason, the university’s cooperation with one of the Tyumen Region’s top employers has become a powerful impetus for developing and strengthening relations with the business community. When developing the programme, Gazprom Neft representatives made significant adjustments and informed the university of the companies’ real demand for the skills that graduate students are developing.
Rais Abdrazakov Pro-rector of Tyumen State University of Civil Engineering

The Company has been implementing a new concept for cooperation with educational institutions since 2014. The concept aims to support the Company’s innovative development and focuses on the demand for personnel from enterprises as well as the Company’s needs for specialists with key professional skills. The new concept entails creating targeted educational programmes in accordance with the Company’s objectives and involving Gazprom Neft experts in the educational process.

New master’s programmes were launched at the Company’s partnering universities in the reporting year: “Industrial and Civil Construction at Oil Production Facilities” at Tyumen State University of Civil Engineering and the programme “Mathematical Modelling of Oil Production Processes” at St Petersburg Polytechnic University. Gazprom Neft also opened a specialised department “Increased Oil Recovery Technologies for Facilities with Abnormal Conditions” as part of a two-year master’s programme at Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas. The department was established as part of a partnership and technological cooperation in unconventional hydrocarbon reserves between Gazprom Neft and the university that began in 2014. The first “Gazpromneft Class” also started being offered at College No. 82 of St Petersburg in 2015.


A key tool in the transition to the system of training Company specialists based on the “School — Secondary Specialised College/University — Enterprise” programme was the establishment of a Gazprom Neft specialised department at Omsk State Technical University. The specialised department has utilised an applied baccalaureate programme in the “machines and chemical production devices” and “chemical technology of natural energy and carbon materials” specialisations since 2014. Applied baccalaureate programmes in the “management in process systems” specialisation and a master’s programme in the “automation of technological production processes” specialisation were launched at a specialised department of Omsk State Technical University in 2015. Students study oil refining processes at the Omsk Oil Refinery, both in theory and in practice. A training area and multi-functional resource centre equipped with laboratory equipment were set up within the enterprise for this purpose. Students get to see machinery and technologies in action and manage oil refining processes on computer simulators.

Gazprom Neft was a partner of the “Management of the Future” international student conference in 2015. The goal of the conference was to establish a platform for interaction between Russian and foreign students studying at the best Russian and international universities. During the event, students learned about the professional opportunities afforded to Gazprom Neft employees, and the most active participants received invitations for internships, including at the Company’s corporate headquarters.

The Company employs a three-year “3 Milestones” programme to adapt and develop the potential of young professionals. The programme includes adaptation measures, training sessions and work with coaches who undergo special training. New pilot programmes to develop the personal and business skills of young professionals were carried out at seven key subsidiaries of the Upstream and Downstream Divisions in the reporting year. Based on their results, the programme will be extended to the Company’s other subsidiaries in 2016.

Enterprises have councils of young professionals that take part in the discussion of the Company’s youth policy, adaptation programmes and the development of young employees. Gazprom Neft holds a corporate scientific and technical conference each year for the Company’s young professionals. The main goals of the conference are to develop the scientific potential and economic thinking of young people, extend innovations beyond particular enterprises, develop presentation skills and protect ideas.