Goals for 2016

As part of the social investment programme in 2016, the Company plans to:

  • scale the “Native Towns” programmes to 14 of the Company’s subsidiaries;
  • provide further assistance for the qualitative transformation of the social environment of the regions where it operates through advanced social project planning tools and innovative solutions for the socioeconomic development of the regions and also involve the government authorities, the business community, non-profit organisations and the local population in the transformation process;
  • scale the successful practices in the regions, including the four interregional projects: the “Multiplying Talent” tournament, “Stenograffia” festival, “DIY City” project laboratory and the “Native Town” festival;
  • modernise the system for the preparation and implementation of social projects by introducing a corporate standard that regulates the interaction of the Company’s corporate headquarters and subsidiaries in the regions where it operates;
  • document the Company’s policy with respect to the indigenous peoples of northern Russia taking into account the Company’s existing practices and the standards of generally accepted international documents;
  • conduct grant competitions for social initiatives in six regions where the Company operates (the Omsk, Orenburg and Tyumen Regions, YNAD and KMAD-Yugra) with a grant fund of more than RUB 23 million and at least 80 participants;
  • conduct a second competition of volunteer projects with the implementation of at least 25 initiatives.