Objective: establishment of equal education opportunities for children from large and small cities.

Activities: to improve the accessibility of high-quality educational infrastructure and training activities.

The Omsk Oil Refinery Summer Academy — a two-week school that offers educational and career guidance programmes — was established for eighth- and ninth-graders in Omsk. At the end of their training, the participants prepared and defended scientific research work in chemistry and physics to an expert jury.

In 2015, Gazprom Neft launched a new educational project — the oil and gas-themed “Multiplying Talent” tournament among schoolchildren, which resulted from the reformatting of the Olympiad competition held for schoolchildren on the same theme in 2014. The main goal of the tournament, which was developed taking into account current global practices, was to enhance the appeal of engineering and technical professions among school students and develop their research skills. As part of the tournament, students solve tasks related to oil and gas themes and develop presentational skills. In 2015, tournament participants included 1,221 people from six regions in which the Company operates (St Petersburg, Tyumen, Noyabrsk, Muravlenko, Novy Port and Mys Kamenny). Eighteen teams from grades 8-11 took part in the final in St Petersburg. The finalists defended their decisions to a jury and took part in an oil and gas adventure game that aimed to test their knowledge without any prior preparation.

Gazprom Neft devotes special attention to infrastructural support for educational institutions in small settlements. In 2015, the Company purchased multimedia equipment for schools in the villages of Novy Port and Mys Kamenny to introduce modern practices and tools into the educational process. Repairs were also carried out at schools in the Orenburg Region villages of Chkalov, Kuvay, Platovka and Berdyanka.

Gazprom Neft partners with the country’s leading universities where future oil and gas industry specialists are educated. The Company supports educational programmes, facilitates scientific research and production experience, and equips university classrooms with modern instruments and computers.

The Company is also implementing a project to improve the education of students and industry experts. In 2015, the Admiral Ushakov Maritime State University (Novorossiysk), where future and present employees from bunkering divisions are trained, received new rescue equipment.

Gazprom Neft has been implementing projects that aim to promote maritime professions among young people jointly with the Maritime Board under the Government of St Petersburg since 2011. Such projects include the establishment of specialised maritime classes and children’s associations with a maritime and shipbuilding focus, the “Sea Calls” film festival and the “Morfest” intercollegiate festival, among others.

In partnership with the Rostov regional military patriotic organisation “Youth Maritime Club”, Gazprom Neft began offering maritime classes in 2015 at which students prepare for service in the Russian Navy. The Company supports similar maritime classes in St Petersburg as well.


“Mathematical Progression” — a joint project implemented by Saint Petersburg State University and Gazprom Neft that involves talented students with outstanding skills in mathematics and computer science — was launched in 2015. More than 50 students from 23 Russian regions who have undergone competitive selection visited St Petersburg, where they attended a series of popular scientific lectures by famous scholars and received detailed information about the educational programmes offered by Saint Petersburg State University. Gazprom Neft will pay scholarships at the end of the first year of studies to participants who enrol in Saint Petersburg State University.

Gazprom Neft has been cooperating with Saint Petersburg State University for several years and has supported the Chebyshyov Research Laboratory since 2013. The Company provides support for the internships of Russian students and scientists abroad, holds seminars and conferences based at the laboratory and pays bonuses to students and young researchers and mathematicians of Saint Petersburg State University.

The ability to logically reason and find a correlation is an important requirement for a person living in modern society. We understand the importance of mathematics for Russia’s successful future. Today, young people have the opportunity to leave their mark on the development of this science.
Nikolay Kropachev Rector of Saint Petersburg State University