Objective: support for the traditional ways of life of indigenous peoples of the Russian north and facilitating their integration into the modern economic and social landscape.

Activities: financial support for families of IPNR and holding traditional events.

The Company also supports the Yamal District Public Movement of Indigenous Peoples of the North, which helps aborigines living in the Yamal tundra.

In addition to support for the traditional way of life of IPNR, Gazprom Neft supports events that aim to preserve the national identity of IPNR, establish cultural ties between various communities and families, and attract public attention to the preservation of traditional crafts and trades. In 2015, such events were expanded to include Reindeer Herder’s Day in Muravlenko and the villages of Khanymey, Novy Port, Khalyasavey, Tolka and Russinskoy as well as Fisherman’s Day in Novy Port. Contests in traditional sports were held at all sites with prizes awarded to the winners.

the support of IPNR

Gazprom Neft engages in production activities in areas where indigenous peoples of the Russian north (IPNR) reside in the Khanty-Mansi and Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Districts. The Company concludes agreements with the heads of IPNR families under which it provides financial assistances as compensation for the impact of production activities from the development of oil and gas fields. In 2015, the Company concluded more than 200 such agreements to reimburse IPNR for expenses related to the support of their families: for the use of land plots and the purchase of foods, lubricants, special clothing, construction materials, boat motors and snowmobiles. In addition, Gazprom Neft helps farming communities of indigenous peoples that live in areas of hydrocarbon exploration and production, and also allocates funds to purchase equipment, fishing equipment, lubricants and construction materials.