Engagement with stakeholders

Developing a dialogue with all stakeholders is a priority in the Gazprom Neft regional policy that not only allows for taking into account the interests of target audiences when planning and implementing the Company’s activities, but also ensuring the most effective possible investments in developing the regions of operation.

Key stakeholders in the Company’s social activities are its employees, local communities, representatives of the regional and municipal authorities, the media, business partners, non-profit organisations, local residents, informal urban communities, university students as well as educational, cultural and sports institutions.

The main formats of engagement in the Company’s regional policy include:

  • business meetings with representatives of the regional and municipal authorities;
  • public hearings;
  • the implementation of social projects;
  • conferences on matters concerning the regional policy, social investments and charitable activities;
  • seminars for potential grant recipients;
  • consultations with representatives of non-profit organisations when determining areas for social investments;
  • regular reporting by the Company on its social projects based on requests from the authorities as part of existing socioeconomic agreements;
  • surveys of local residents;
  • project laboratories to develop and implement social initiatives;
  • the joint implementation of volunteer projects;
  • social initiative festivals;
  • online voting and open competitions among the public as part of the implementation of social projects;
  • collecting feedback on the website of the social investment programmes

In its efforts to develop a dialogue, the Company actively utilises the format of roundtables and public hearings. Such meetings promote a constructive dialogue between enterprises and local communities, help to identify social needs and designate significant themes when the Company prepares its sustainability report. In addition, public hearings serve as a platform for the actual beneficiaries to exchange experience.

Companies and the public need to learn how to listen to and understand one another and unite their efforts based on mutually advantageous cooperation. It’s clear that in addition to opportunities even core enterprises have restrictions and this is why it is essential to find a balance of interests and identify priorities jointly

Yelena Feoktistova Director of the Corporate Social Responsibility Centre of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs

During the reporting period, the Company held public hearings on matters concerning corporate social responsibility and sustainable development in Tomsk and Noyabrsk. The hearings were attended by representatives of the local and district authorities, major enterprises in the region, non-profit organisations and universities. Gazprom Neft representatives spoke at the meeting about the Company’s current production activities and plans in the regions, the development of HR potential among its personnel and the “Native Towns” social investment programme.

In 2015, Gazprom Neft held a series of roundtables attended by experts and representatives of stakeholders on the following themes:

  • “New approaches to the development of public spaces”;
  • “How should business, the government, experts and citizens organise joint work and achieve results?”;
  • “Sociocultural design”;
  • “Interaction with partners and event management”;
  • “NPO social advertising: private donations in times of a lack of trust”;
  • “Interaction with the media”;
  • “Business and NPOs”;
  • “The potential of creative industries”;
  • “Problems in relations between the authorities and informal urban communities”;
  • “The Company’s activities and the sustainable development of the regions of operation”;
  • “Implementation of projects as part of grant competitions for social investments”.

During the reporting year, Gazprom Neft and the Orenburg Region Government worked on matters concerning territorial planning related to the problematic situation with land use. A substantial portion of the Company’s production facilities were located on farmland, which imposed restrictions on production activities. Together with the regional government, the Company developed a roadmap on problematic areas in the region. As part of the roadmap, a project was implemented to classify the land of 23 municipalities as land for industrial use.

The Company collected and reviewed proposals on changes to the site plans, prepared recommendations and held public hearings on this issue. The conclusions reached at the public hearings were published by the media on the websites of local administrations. Based on the results of the projects’ review by councils of deputies or municipal councils, all the problematic areas were classified as land for industrial use.

Gazprom Neft is involved in developing and improving regional legislation and the industry’s regulatory framework. Gazprom Neft employees take part in the lawmaking process at the federal and regional levels.

The Company also implements social initiatives jointly with its business partners and customers. One example of such cooperation is the annual “Day of the Fisherman” event held by the Company jointly with the Kaliningrad fishing port for employees of the port, sailors and local residents. Gazprom Neft also regularly organises charity and volunteer campaigns involving employees from airfields and airports at which the Company provides refuelling. Such campaigns include volunteer clean-up work, visits to orphanages, Victory Day events and donor initiatives. In 2015, Gazprom Neft along with employees from its filling station network and customers joined the nationwide “Give a Veteran a Lift” campaign that was held from 1-10 May in all the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. Volunteers handed out stickers reading “I’ll Give a Veteran a Lift” to drivers at the Company’s filling stations. By placing the stickers on their vehicles, car owners demonstrated their willingness to give a veteran a ride if requested.

social campaigns with partners

A social campaign involving the manager and players of Football Club Zenit was held at a Gazpromneft filling station in St Petersburg on 4 March 2015. The players and manager spent several hours pumping petrol at the station. Revenue from the sale of fuel and goods during the campaign was donated to an orphanage to equip a modern computer lab. The event took place as part of the football club’s ’90 Good Deeds" charity marathon devoted to the 90th anniversary of Football Club Zenit in 2016.