Emergency Readiness

For the purposes of civil defence, the Company improves the resilience of its production facilities in the event of emergencies and trains staff to be able to handle such situations, including in difficult climatic conditions. During the reporting year, the Company conducted more than 600 exercises and training sessions involving over 7,000 people. More than 300 managers and specialists from the Company’s civil defence and emergency situations office underwent re-training and advanced training. Over 38,000 employees were trained in actions to take in the event of an emergency in their workplaces.


Gazprom Neft carried out 130 rescue training exercises at the Prirazlomnaya platform in 2014-2015. The exercises involved searching for and rescuing people in distress at sea, assisting vessels in distress, containing and cleaning up oil spills at sea as a result of tanker accidents, protecting the coastal strip with the Varandey shift camp against oil pollution and cleaning up the aftermath of the spill near Dolgy Island. As part of an agreement on cooperation in the areas of responsibility of offshore facilities owned by Gazprom and LUKOIL, joint exercises were conducted by Gazprom Neft Shelf and Lukoil-Trans in 2015.