Occupational Health

The Company’s subsidiaries Noyabrskenergoneft and Gazpromneft Orenburg won review contests for the best occupational safety work in Orenburg and Muravlenko. Gazpromneft-Orenburg was also awarded an Employer Trust Certificate, a document that is given to organisations that strictly comply with the requirements of labour legislation.

The Company’s main occupational health measures include organising safe work conditions, regular medical check-ups and clinical examinations of employees, training in first aid methods and building a culture where employees look after their health.

In 2015, the Company introduced methods to ensure the safety of food, water supply and sanitary conditions at remote production facilities and also organised medical check-ups for its employees. Updates were made to the Anti-Alcohol and Anti-Drug Policy, which sets uniform principles for employees of the Company and contracting organisations in this regard. The Company carried out a campaign called “Sobriety is the Norm” to support the introduction of the principles of the updated policy.

Gazpromneft-Yamal implemented a pilot project to launch the electronic medical examination system (EMES). The system allows for assessing an employee’s health without the involvement of a medical officer. Based on the implementation results, the Company began introducing the EMES project at the remote facilities of the subsidiaries of the Upstream Division.