Company’s priorities for strategic development

The strategy employed by Gazprom Neft reflects the Company’s commitment to sustainable growth and the establishment of economic and social benefits for a wide range of stakeholders. In developing and implementing the strategy, Gazprom Neft seeks to balance the interests of business and society through the harmonious management of the economic, environmental and social aspects of its activities. While investing resources in the Company’s development and its assets as well as improving production activities, Gazprom Neft simultaneously invests in effective programmes for regional development and environmental protection and views these investments as a contribution to its long-term competitiveness.


  • To achieve strategic goals
  • To improve the operational efficiency of core business
  • Innovative activities


  • To minimise the environmental impact of production activities
  • Sustainable use of resources
  • To preserve biodiversity
  • Energy conservation and energy efficiency


  • To develop the Company’s HR potential
  • To improve industrial and occupational safety levels and reduce the rate of injuries, accidents and occupational diseases
  • Support for local communities in regions of operation and assistance in the socioeconomic development of regions